17 Days Sober Today

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17 Days Sober Today

I don't drink anymore.
I know what will happen.
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Donít drink alcohol now and youíll never drink again 🙏
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Originally Posted by ThatWasTheOldMe View Post
I don't drink anymore.
I know what will happen.
Good decision.

What will happen? I predict good things.
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Excellent news
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Good for you
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That's great news! I saw your other post on the Corona thread. I'm glad you started a new one that can be just about you.

God if I drank, I would end up in a hospital or institution. That's just where it goes for me. That would be the epitome of selfish and stupid.
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Congrats on your sober time! Keep building on it. The best is yet to come!
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You're doing great.
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If we can stay sober, we can manage things, up to a certain point. Drunk/high, all that goes out the window.
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This is great news.

Thanks for sharing it.
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Go you!!!
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