I'm not sure what to do

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I'm not sure what to do

Nothing is working.
but all is well
I just want more from this life.
im not happy. U am not sad.
Maybe a great place to start again . I want to say I love drinking I think it's more I love the routine
It is the only. Constant part of my day, and has been for a very long time.
I have been happy without alcohol for long ebou
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Are you drinking now Finalcall? I hope not but uncertain from your post. You are ok either way. We don't drink anymore and we need to make a good life for ourselves. Often time because of what we have done, we need to be humble about some of that. My life is simple now and I will never have fancy things. But I have learned to be grateful for simplicity and quiet and calm. I love those things. And I have been trying to volunteer and help out whomever and whenever I can. You open up amazing worlds that way. I have a life in which I am not hungry and can think clearly, go ride my bike to the bookstore and coffee shop, go fishing with my nephew who is horribly disable and will never have the chances that I blew, cook with my daughters and do their homework with them. I have a great life now and so can you if you are open to the forms that life might take.
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Originally Posted by Finalcall View Post
I want to say I love drinking I think it's more I love the routine
I used to say I drank because I loved it. When I tried to quit I realized I drank because I had to drink. I was addicted. Love had nothing to do with it. And staving off withdrawals is different from loving routine.

You have an addiction. There is a solution.
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All I can tell you is once you surrender, and you get past the first week. Things will start to look up and the fog leaves. Iím only on day 49 but itís getting better day by day. Take it one minute at a time. Drink plenty of water or what ever gets you through. Mine was Coke Zero cherry the sweetness shut my av down. Keep coming back.
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when you don't know what to do, my experience is not drinking should always be the preferred option.

My life got a whole lot less complicated when I quit drinking, finalcall.

I was scared to change my life for a lot of years - I ended up being scared I couldn't change it.....

If drinking is still a choice for you, not a chore, this is a great time to jump off the crazy train.

You won't feel good immediately, but you will feel great in a little while.

Why not use the support here to get you through that difficult first bit?

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You say you want more from this life, do you want to stop drinking?
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