Old Friends and New Friends

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Old Friends and New Friends

Today was a good day, great actually.

I went ice skating with fellows from AA. We were seeing off one of our fellows, as he is moving away from Miami to Houston. He is Canadian and played hockey so of course all of the Miamians took advantage of the opportunity to go ice skating. We all looked like rhinos tap dancing and I took a nasty spill but got back up. I was nervous to go and meet up, I am still very new in the program but I am trying to be sociable and meet as many new people as I can. They are so welcoming and I feel I walked (skated) away with new friends. It is nice to get out my comfort zone and put fellowship first.

After that I went to meet my old friends, who I had not seen since I got sober. Two of them had moved to NYC and were visiting so I went to meet everyone. I was also nervous because I knew they would be drinking. But I went and found that three others, my closest friends were not drinking and I actually found myself being very present. The comfort was still there and it was truly so nice to catch up and see how everyone was. We were all so close at one time, like a family. They missed me and told me they were proud of me, and I had a heart to heart with one friend who didn't know I was in recovery. He seemed very happy for me and actually a bit about the program. I left feeling very happy to have gone.

This is a great feeling, having two worlds in one day; my past and my future. Old friends who saw me using and were worried, who I had lost touch with to better myself but who understood because I was open with them about my struggles and alcoholism. New friends who are on this journey of sobriety with me and can be happy and have fun without alcohol and honestly enjoyed having me around.

I am very grateful for this day, for the duality in this life and the common thread woven through both of these worlds; communication, openness and willingness but most of all, focus and non-wavering commitment to my sobriety.

Goodnight all, love you my SR family.

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RIP Sweet Suki
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Thanks for sharing your day with us. I'm glad to know you had a great time.
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That was one of the most beautiful posts I have read NicLin.

Sobriety has opened the doors of the world to us. It's a beautiful world.

So very happy for you.
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Thanks from me too - great post NicLin

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Tap dancing rhinos, cool
Loved reading the post NicLin.
Have a great day.
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Life Goes On
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This was really nice to wake up to. Put a smile on my face.

Thanks for sharing your day with us.

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Good morning yes super post . I dig it. I dont have many friend friends per se they were associates if you will. (Booze buddy's) but I have one that mind you was a beast on booze the last time I seen him went on with our lives fast forward like 20 years I'm back in the area and I reunite with him come to find out he been sober for the last 20 year's. I was like what? Really? Well shortly after we parted he had a seizure of some sort. Scared him been off booze ever since. I was like man thats awesome and how it came about was I was like yeah I'm off the sauce now. He was like really? How long I told him thats when he told me his story. Cool points fact my sober buddy is coming over today to shoot the crap with me. He knows these days can get hairy so for support he is coming. So my focus is more connected to my inner circle I do have . Least now I can pick the cream of the crop as to who I want new in my life. ✌
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Great post!!!
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Thanks for such a positive post, Nic.
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That was so good to hear. Making the most of your sobriety and Aa fellowship.
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Excellent post. Sounds like a perfect day.
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I thought I had commented, but apparently I hadn't. (This getting old thing pretty much sucks). Anyway, that was a great and uplifting post. It also put a smile on my face.
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