Closing old chapters. Day 4

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Closing old chapters. Day 4

The days for me don't matter , at this stage, day 4 is pretty common.

But what is not common for me is to reconcile (well to what i think) with someone that has been my enemy for the last 2 years (in my mind)

They say "hate is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die"

I wrote this person a good letter wishing the best at the end of 2018, to no reply. I thought "so be it" and went on about my life. It turns out the letter got intercepted by a nosey family member and it was never all the other letters.

This person contacted me 4 days ago to see how I was after 2 years (they didn't know that I even sent the letters)

And unfortunately , I was on day 0 with emotions going haywire. I said some things which got me blocked. Rrgarding these letters. How, can you not reply then spontaneously pop up time and time again like nothing ever I know why.

​​​​​​Lonnnnng story short.... I wrote her a NEW good wishes, where I can contact her. I said

------Since my last year good wishes didn't make it to you through email, let me say them here.. hopefully youll get them this time : )
Thanks for everything in our past and I have no grudges either. Besides everything and our past situation, you gave me some of the happiest years and lessons of my life.
Make 2020 good for yourself-------

If she gets them then good, if not...iam used to it.

And... I don't have any grudges - after writing this, as simple as it was that heaviness in my body finally lifted and when I finish this post I am going to pray for her.

In saying that, You know my journey is not that tough I have had it easy and I have come across people in my life who are literally going through hell, I sometimes worry that my life is too easy but that's something I'll add too my gratitude list. But it's my road, and this is my end of chapter close, even if it's a common love chapter which iam sure is what probably makes the world go around.

I wish you all , also the best.
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That is a great story. I really hope she gets it.
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