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Hello everybody. To cut to the chase, I keep relapsing on meth. Last week I started my PROBATION, if I fail a drug test they will revoke it and for jail.. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all
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I have no experience with meth beyond trying it one time and hating it....

but I can say that whatever the addiction, active recovery is the key. Committed, disciplined, willing focus on a recovery methodology, program and support network is your best next step.

Rehab if you're able.... otherwise at least get to NA / AA and get active! You can be free.

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Hi Lulu

Becoming part of this community and using it, posting here instead of using has helped many Lulu - my drug was alcohol and pot but SR helped me turn my world around and stay clean and sober

I know we can help you do the same - Welcome!

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Hey man!

Seems like you are in a tricky situation! But it's not worth to go to jail for failing your probation because.

It is time that you really want it. Post here, go to AA or whatever resource you have. Ask for help!
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White pony is no joke. If you cherish your freedom you gonna do whatever it takes to stay free. One Day at a time. Welcome. ✌
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Don't know much about meth. Reach out to NA and go. Be proactive and honest with your probation officer about your struggle and give evidence of how you are trying to beat this addiction (they already know so no harm in being honest). Do you have a lawyer? Ask them too.

You have to want to be 100% done with meth or none of the treatments will work. Fear of jail cannot be the reason you quit. You have to quit for you!

Take it one step, one day at a time.
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Well, you have the gift of simplicity to help you quit. If you use again, you go to jail. Pretty simple. Let that be just the start of the journey though. Fear of incarceration won't keep you from using and figure out your addiction. Can you get some support and start to make a plan to stay clean that focuses on what you want your life to be like? It can't be fear-based or it won't last. AA and NA are full of amazing people who can show you the way of sobriety. Keep posting on this amazing site too. It really helps. Let us know how things are going.
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