Day 2

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Day 2

Morning of day 2, i slept fairly well and up early enjoying a cuppa before i get ready for work. I know I'm slow on uptake but had massive realistion that yes not drinking is number one priority but to live a sober life i have to change my life, i have to change my outlook, i have to find a new better happier way to live my life. I want it so much
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Hey Tinker, glad you are feeling well.

Keep on going, the seed has been planted and you are well on your way to a better life. You have to keep working at it and try new things to stay sober.

I am rooting for you!
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As Nic said, keep going. I'm wishing you the best.
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I have been trying to change my outlook on life for a decade. It's hard when all the evidence and feedback I receive tells me I am hopeless. Sobriety doesn't change much of my life circumstances unfortunately. Gotta try something new I suppose
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Congratulations on two days. That's great!
Sometimes sobriety is its own reward and we don't even realize it.
I know I forget that.
No matter what happens, good or bad, I can handle it sober.
I found that as I got further into sobriety, the happier I became.
Yes, I did have to change almost my entire life, but mostly mindset. I had to realize that I can not safely drink alcohol. And I made it my number one priority.
Now almost eleven sober years later, it's still my number one priority.
I can still never drink alcohol safely and that's okay.
I can handle life on life's terms sober whereas, while drinking, I was like a pawn going through the motions of living.

Happy, joyous and free. Even on not so good days like yesterday. But I didn't drink over it. I am dealing with it. Carrying the thought that things will get better today.
Drunk, I would, of course, try and drink my troubles away only to have them multiply.
So stay sober. It's a great way to live. Even though, for me, the only thing that changed was everything.
Everything for the better.
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