Day one so far...

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Day one so far...

Have made it 18 hours so far just about

I know itís not the best thing to do but it seems the only thing making me feel better is making myself throw it up

(sorry for the graphic comment) - but has anyone else had this experience?

Almost like the toxins are coming up and out
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Sorry you are hurting. Whatever works for you, but I will say nutrition and hydration are pretty important to start healing. I'm sure the last thing you want to do is eat something. I used to eat 2-3 spoonfuls of clam chowder soup or mac and cheese. Even that small amount starting the healing process. Hang in there.
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I hate throwing up so no that would not make me feel better.

You might be irritating your throat and stomach etc by forcing yourself to do that. I'd stop.

Hope you feel better tomorrow.

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Yeah nutrition is a good idea - I remember only being able to take sips of boiled water with sugar and then progressing to light soup and hot chocolate. Last thing you want to be doing is throwing up on an empty stomach - risks stomach acid burning on it's way up - nasty.
Hope you feel better soon
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Do you have a friend keeping an eye on you? Most of the time the withdrawal period of four or five days is unpleasant but not dangerous. However it sometimes can develop into full blown seizures and hallucinations in which case it is vital you get medical help. That is why it is a good idea to have someone nearby who can help if you run into problems.
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I remember being so nauseous that I was wishing I could throw up believing I would feel better afterwards. As the nausea worsened the vomiting did come, but I didnít feel better, I actually felt worse. As the vomiting continued there was nothing but stomach acid to throw up and painful dry heaves. My advice would be based on my personal experience of course and not medical advice...donít make yourself throw up if you donít have to. And please be safe and call a friend to be with you while you go through withdrawals. If you feel the slightest inkling that you might need help or if the vomiting progresses go to the ER immediately.
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What D said but I know to be true just drink water bro and if you need to vomit trust your body will let you know plus your just leaving bile acid reflux to really damage everything inside
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