What Happens To Your Body 28 Days Sober

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What Happens To Your Body 28 Days Sober

Someone shared this on Facebook, I found it interesting, so wanted to share it with ya'll. Basically an experiment was conducted to see what would happen when an average person (not alcoholic) gives up alcohol for 28 days. I know this has probably been done many times, but I enjoyed it soooo...yeah. It touches on the following:
  • Diet
  • Dreams
  • Liver
  • Digestion
  • Sleep
  • Dental
  • Skin

What Happens To Your Body 28 Days Sober

Personal comments that I've noticed on my journey:

Diet- DEFINITELY better. I eat less, and better quality things.
Dreams - I actually dream now, always great adventures.
Liver- my numbers are better, and I don't have the liver pain.
Digestion- haven't noticed much of a difference.
Sleep- I can actually that's good.
Dental- no change noticed...I've always had fine dental health.
Skin- HUGE difference. Clear. Good color.
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Keep it up, it keeps getting better!❤️
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I never ate while I was drinking.
I'm six foot and weighed a hundred and thirty five pounds.
And when I did eat, it was pizza. But I rarely ate.

I didn't sleep. I passed out. Didn't dream. Just woke up and reached for the previous evenings leftover booze.
Now I'm a lucid dreamer. It's great and beautiful, to not just sleep, but perchance to dream. And I do and I love it. I look forward to going to bed sometimes.

Dental? I didn't even brush my teeth many times.
I neglected oral care for so long my mouth is filled with cavities

Skin. People tell me I look good. I can spot a drinker a mile away just by their complexion.

So, that was, and is, me.
Now I work out three days a week. I weigh one fifty. All muscle.
I eat like a horse and enjoy it. I'm vegetarian.
Liver enzymes are still high after ten years sober. That's the damage I did to my poor liver.

I couldn't be happier now. I love life, not hiding from it.
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I look and feel so much better now. Look and feel younger. Hardly ever get sick. Wake up feeling rested and happy, as opposed to feeling awful and hating myself.

My sleep is better too. I look forward to falling asleep with my little dog beside me.
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Amazing what happens to the complexion. I used to hate the red face & busted capillaries & comments abou my “sunburn”. So embarrassing.
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