Heavy arms and legs

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Heavy arms and legs

Hello all,
I have previously posted and I am a bit over five months sober, I am still having acid reflux symptoms am getting a endoscopy soon. I am also having heavy arms and legs, like when a walk up the stairs my legs feel heavy and when I hang the washing out my arms feel heavy, I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this in recovery?
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I did have a little bit, but for me it was mainly down to being really unfit and actually feeling my body properly for the first time. When I drank I pretty much did nothing, was very lazy and drank sat down off the sofa. The only exercise I got was if the wine I wanted from the shop was on the top shelf lol. Once I got sober I started doing more, moving more and thatís when I realised I had a lot of fat and no muscle so I felt heavy all the time. I am much fitter now and all that has gone. x
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Are you on any medications? This sensation of heaviness/stiffness is a side effect of some medications.
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I am on a ppi for acid reflux, i will Google the side effects thanks
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See your dr.

In my experience...

It has taken this long long long to feel this good. 5 months is a long time, but it is not a long long long time.

I am nearly 4 years without an intoxicated moment...I am still getting better by the moment.

I used to get light headed all the time from moderate to high level exercise.

Now, I can do moderate to heavy exercise and I only get light headed sometimes.

I am pretty sure I had/have a laundry list of booze related issues that needed....and still need.....loads of clean time to heal.

I believe exercise helped me get this well more quickly. I work out as hard as I can stand of often as i can tolerate.

Exercise and sr are my new drugs.

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I'm glad you're getting your acid reflux symptoms checked out. Hopefully you will start feeling better, but if not, do talk to your dr.
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I felt a lot of fatigue for a long time.
All the adjustments and repairs your mind and body are doing may cause the fatigue you may be feeling in your arms and legs.
Doctors or physiotherapist is probably the way to go.

But I do remember being sluggish for a long time with the odd day here and there where I felt tip top.
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Yes....ongoing reflux here too. Did you get blood tests. Worth making sure you aren't deficient in B vitamins- it can cause a lot of fatigue and muscle tiredness, magnesium deficiency can too.
Well done on 5 months!
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Thank you all for the reassuring responses DarklingSong I have had a fbc and liver function blood tests, I take it vitamin deficiencies wouldn't be included in either of those, I will make an appointment to see my doc thank you
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Hi marty,

I don't know if you're still around once in a while, but I'm thinking of you. Sending good thoughts, vibes and prayers your way.

Happy holidays 2019.
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Hi Mango212. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Wishing you a happy and safe new year!
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Hows it going Marty?

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