The sacred task of just showing up

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The sacred task of just showing up

As a drunk the movie of my life was running without me showing up in the lead role. It didn't pause, it didn't slow down for me as I wasted time and energy and money on feeding the demons of my addiction. The movie played out and I did what I could when I could to try and edit things, fix them. But the truth is that I was not doing the most basic, important task that each of us is responsible for in their life - showing up.

The task of showing up is not just a metaphor self-improvers or motivational speakers. The task of showing up is the most sacred of tasks that we have in our lives.

I've posted before thinking what life would be like, what the world would be like, if everyone were an active alcoholic, if everyone was giving in to their addictions. This is the in same vein - when we are sacrificing those things of real value in our life to our addictions, we are not showing up.

From some ancient native American providing food to his family, to the shipyard worker responsible for ensuring the cargo is properly secured, whatever our life calls us to do professionally, personally, for our families, our communities, our selves - all is shirked and left to fend for itself when we are active drunks.

Taking care of whatever it is of value in your life - the earth, a bicycle, your children or parents, medical exam, car engine, spaghetti dinner, flower garden, lawsuit - whatever it is, you are neglecting the sacred task of showing up that has given us the beauty and complexity and opportunity we are all blessed with at this point in history. Showing up, doing as well as you can, failing, showing up again - this is the sacred task that I am, finally, so proud to be able to take on. And I can only do so because I am sober.
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Beautifully said, and such a good, reflective reminder for us all.

I remembered rolling my eyes at my first sponsor who told me "wherever you are, be there". I wish I could tattoo it on my heart now. So amazing how such relatively simple nuggets of wisdom can be so impactful if your heart is open and ready.
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Such a terrific post. I was absent from my life in every important way for a long time. Being able to show up now in every important way is such a blessing.
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