I'm drinking why

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Your always going to have to deal with losses. Life is full of them. But if you're gonna drink over all of them, you'll never gonna have long-term sobriety. I suggest you plan ahead and be ready to find healthier ways to deal with losses and disappointments. Otherwise, you will probably do what you have used in the past to deal with them and you know that's not doing you any good. John
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Originally Posted by Highercall View Post
How todare you if sober people like you I'm glad I'm drunk
I donít believe you really think that. When you logged on here, you certainly didnít expect people to say ďYouíre right, thatís a wonderful reason to drink! Good for you!Ē You needed to hear the truth, and you knew you needed to hear the truth, which is why you shared. So, good for you for seeking out the truth you already knew deep down. I mean that. We are all on your side.
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^^^Our comments are not judgments- they are the truth. None of us have a moral high ground- but we sure do have experience.
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I don't believe he really thinks that either. when he logged on he may not have known what he was thinking other than he was sad.....and drunk.

but geesh..the guy just joined in may....what's today like the 12th? whatever happened to the "newcomer" forum being a "safe and friendly place". I don't know about anyone else but early in sobriety I was a little fragile and my first few attempts didn't go flawlessly (actually many). sobriety/recovery can be a learning experience for some.

sorry to hear about you're co-worker, highercall. whats most important now is you keep coming back and you keep on trying. take what you want/need and leave the rest.
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guys - lets focus.

Keep your comments directed to the original poster, not about them, or about other members, or their posts.

That's what PMs are for.

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Higher - how are you today? Hope to hear you're back with us.
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