So Live Well -Live Sober

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So Live Well -Live Sober

Got a question why should i give up my sobriety because of the past things replaying in my head over and getting drink or taking drugs will not help its masks it until your sober
again and then its much more worse its more real having to deal with it
you HAVE to deal with it eventually either way so what should i do am waiting for Counselling may take sometimes until i see someone my pastor had the idea of a book with pics of people you love your pets etc also a bag that you can take around with you with grounding things he said its helped other who have flashbacks I have to deal with this in someway its gets tiring its gets hard to deal with my mind is trying to fix its self its trying to heal but its not going to while i use , drink, cut or starve myself my body needs a rest from all the abuse i have been giving it for years its need to heal and i want it to heal
i just need help sometimes and that is ok
its ok to ask for help its ok to have a crap day we all have crap days with or without being sober
So i wanted to drink but i am still sober i fighting my demons fighting all the crap that is in my head that is including flashbacks - am fighting and i'll keep fighting to be sober getting pissed will not solve my problems using will not solve my problems cutting will not solve m problems
Living sober
Am living sober to spite my abusers and those who have hurt me in the past living well is the best revenge
So Live well
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It took many many years to deal with all my traumas and my past - and its likely to be that way for you too.

You are worth the effort tho - every bit of it

It's sometimes hard to see ourselves but i think you're in a far better place than you used to be

Keep on making noise and insisting on help so you can get to see the doctors and therapists you need to.

Remember the things they've told you to do to help and do them.

Be honest with them so they can help - and lean on the help you have in your real life as well as here on the forum.

We believe in you

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