Itís been a while

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Itís been a while

It has been a while since I have posted
I made it through the holidays without touching alcohol. There where many time I obsessed over the booze as it was literally all around me. I even held a bottle in my hand and thankfully found the will too put it back unopened ! I would be lying if I said I think Iím in the clear. But my husband and I have started too see a professional about out marriage and I have , with a lot of tears set boundsries in other relationships that made me feel hopless. I know I have a long very hard road ahead but I feel hopeful.
It feels great too post not about a slip or a hurt or hang up but about a victory.
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Victories are great.

It feels as equally good to read them!
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Well done not giving in Mielz. December was a hard month for a lot of us I think. I went from not signing in much, to virtually stalking the forum. Sure is good to get the 'holiday season' over and done with and safely, isn't it
Happy New Year x
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I'm really glad to hear you made it through Mielz - thats a great sign for the future

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Awesome, good for you Mielz. The holidays are hard and you made it through them sober. I count that as a big victory. Congratulations! Gabe x
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