Reflecting on 2017

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Reflecting on 2017

For years I said “I’m going to quit wine”. I had lots of reasons to do so, like feeling terrible, and tired all the time. My teenage kids. Alcohol was a thief that on April 16, 2017, got escorted out the door. It was Easter Morning. A new beginning of hope. I had tried and failed a couple times in March but on that day it finally stuck. The pain discomfort didn’t magically disappear on that day. Sobriety was a struggle especially the first 30 days, but still into 60 and 90 days. It still has moments, but I don’t see every liquor store and I don’t think about the next drink constantly. I was able to help many people in 2017 in ways that I hope was real. Helping them, helped me stay in the right mindset. My relationship with my two teens changed slowly and I’ve been a much better Dad and role model. Money, well I still feel broke a lot, but I know I’m not wasting $1000s this year on self destruction. I’m honest with myself and others, my head is clear and mornings are a joy.
All that being said, I understand that tomorrow could be a Day 1 again. Each day has a conscience effort in it to make today a sober day. I am not a normal drinker, one is too many, and my AV is still a liar. I am proud to be where am at , which is no longer giving days of my life away. I thank the Lord sincerely for His strength in my sobriety. Don’t underestimate your higher power’s role in your sobriety. This isn’t a New Years resolution, this is a change in lifestyle. I believe any who want to get sober, can get sober. It won’t be painfree and it will take the help of others. Thank you to the community of SR for you caring, strength and for helping me begin the road of reclaiming my real self. Blessing to each of you in 2018.
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I was sober for 6 and a half years, but today is my Day Two. Cherish your sobriety and take care of it. It's something we have to work on everyday (at least a little).

Glad you are sober today!
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congrats on your sober time SF

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Really happy for you Simply Free. Thank you for the hopeful post.
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Wishing you a sober and fulfilled 2018 SimplyFree
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