my husband is an alcoholic

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my husband is an alcoholic

My husband is a functioning alcoholic We have 2 girls ages 15 and d17 who are angry and embaressed by him We have asked him to stop drinking but now he just sneaks it in the garage or wherever he can. I have asked him to move out but he says I need a court order?
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Hello jrc, and welcome. I'm so sorry for your situation, but I'm so glad you are here where you can get the support you need. As someone who was one of those embarrassed teenage daughters of an alcoholic, I can tell you that seeking support and help for your situation is a truly heroic thing to do.

One thing I want to say is that "functioning" is not a type of alcoholism, merely a stage. Left unchecked, alcoholism progresses over time, and no one can say how slow or fast that deterioration will be.

Have you met with a lawyer to discuss your options regarding having him in the home?
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Hi, jrc.
Welcome to SR.
I would seek legal advice as to your rights in this situation.
Good luck.
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Seconding the idea of seeking legal advice. Please protect your children and your finances! I think the verbiage you want is something along the lines of Sole Occupancy of the Home.

I am sorry for what brings you here...I hate addiction!
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If he is drinking to the point of causing harm (physical, emotional, psychological) to you and your minor children, you can go to court to have him removed from the home. There are places that offer free legal care.

I'm sorry you and your children have to go through with this.
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I'm sure you can get a court order if that's what he wants. Get some legal advise and show him you mean business if you truly want him out. Hae you considered AlAnon and AlaTeen so you and your girls can work through some of the emotional stuff this situation throws at you and them?

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