Day 2

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Day 2

I am so very thankful to finally be posting that Iím on my 2nd day of sobriety. It has been a very hard road to make it to this.

Last night I went to bed at 11. Surprisingly didnít have too much trouble falling asleep and actually slept until around 3:15 am. I was able to doze off and on until the alarm went off. Very minor sweats. Seems like the Librium is really helping with the withdrawals.

Today Iím following the same medicine schedule. I work tonight (and all day) so a meeting isnít possible. However, at lunch Iím going to spend some time reading some literature and reflecting. Iím going to focus on drinking water instead of tea and coffee. (After my one and only cup of coffee this morning.)

Iíve also reached out to some people I trust who have had substance abuse issues and have some good time sober. Thatís helpful as well.

Hereís to day 2!!!!
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Sounds like a good plan, congrats on Day 2! With a solid plan you can stick by it makes it A LOT easier! Check in with us tomorrow
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Great job on two days. Yes, sounds like a good plan.
Keep the faith and remember, you never have to drink again. I hope you keep coming here, too. We're all behind you,
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It is great to see you posting and that you have your plan. Remember it is one day at a time!
Stay with us!
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Well done on day 2. It's day two for me too. We can do this. It's hard but it can be done. Best wishes to you, Sinderos
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Very well done, Sinderos.

Stay close.

We care.
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Great job on 2 days. Keep reaching out and posting on here.

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keep moving forward Sinderos

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