Day 10

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Day 10

Heyyy you guys, I'm back after losing my last quit on day 31 back in August. Since then I've drunk 1-3 times a week, always to the point of passing out and all the negative things that were my reasons for quitting are back in my life. I've half-heartedly attempted getting back on track since then, but I am really going for it this time, and am now on day 10! Things seem to have clicked in my mind. I have been craving badly tonight but not once did I even engage or entertain my AV - normally I barter with it, and try and convince myself not to drink but tonight I KNEW I wasn't going to drink, not a chance, so I just let it carry on and pass.
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Good job, Kitty! Sometimes it's a mental hurdle to get past a certain point. It sounds like you're doing well!
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Good work, AK.
Keep going.
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welcome back awkwardkitty

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Hi! Great Job AK! Today will be my 9th day!! Come and join November class if you want!
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Well done on trying again AwkwardKitty. Let this be THE ONE.
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I love it when someone beats up on their AV! Nice job Kitty!
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how are you today AwkwardKitty ?

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