New to the sharing about recovery online

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New to the sharing about recovery online

Hey guys
It's nice to be reaching out to a new sober platform. I honestly came here with a personal issue. I'm really struggling with complacency at the moment. I dont have a lot of strong connections with people, and I'm struggling a lot with isolation. I used to have a lot of good friends in my support groups but now those relationships have grown apart. I'm really struggling to not worry about what's going on in other people's lives to the point where I neglect to try and improve my own life. Is anyone else experiencing this ? Would love to hear people's thoughts x
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Welcome to SR. Glad you are sharing with us!
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Hi. Glad you found us and are here and posting.

To be honest I'd always rather look at someone elses problems than my own - their massive problems always feel much easier than even the tiniest of my own lol.

To be fair, although I'm kind of saying that tongue in cheek, in a way this is one strategy that I have found helps keep me in gratitude. Helping others. But, I suppose it's a question of balanceisn't it. Helping others shouldn't be at the expense of taking responsibility for our own recovery.

Are you still meeting with people from your 'groups'? (Is it AA or similar?)
I know that many of the old timers at AA that I know well enough for them to speak frankly to me do say that every so often they've had to have a bit of a change around and try some dfferent meetings (sometimes instead of some familiar ones, and sometimes in addition, depending on the circumstances). Like an exercise regime, it's got to help if we keep it fresh. If you're an AAer, do you read the Daily Reflections and journal on them? I know people who say that really helps them keep focussed. And I have found that the recovery speaker recordings have helped me get through some rough patches personally. This is where I find mine to listen to or download (for free)...

So. Balance. One of the things that we're good at eh!! lol.

What does your recovery plan look like at the moment? Maybe if you share then people can suggest things that might help to add in. The other suggestion I would make is to have a look through Dee's thread about making a plan and seeing if anything on there sounds like it could add another tool to your recovery box. (Psst...wanna know why I'm always recommending recovery plans?)

And anyway - you've just added one tool today haven't you. This forum has been a massive part of my own recoveryfor the last 3.5 years. The folk on here are pretty amazing.

Anyway. Again, welcome.

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Hi Recoverygirl12...good to have you with us. SR and the support provided by it's community is amazing...I hope you find it just as valuable as I have. Wishing you well on your recovery journey 💜
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Hi and Welcome!

I sure do relate to your statement about having difficulty focusing on myself. You might like to check out the Women's Forum where we have a long-running thread titled One Thing I Did For Myself Today.
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Hi Recoverygirl - yeah I was always a go to guy for other peoples problems and in a way I liked that because I convinced myself it meant my problems were prob not that bad, right?

Learning to focus on my own well being has been a gift.

I'm glad you found us too - welcome
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