One Good Thing, One Simple Action, One Kind Gesture

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One Good Thing, One Simple Action, One Kind Gesture

Here's an exercise I've found helpful. I don't use it all the time. But in early sobriety it was a really powerful tool. It helped calibrate my day, keep me focused on sobriety, keep me moving forward in my personal growth and keep me on track with staying sober.

Upon waking in the morning, grab your journal (or just a piece of paper) and sit down with a little quiet time before the day really takes off. Maybe a cup of coffee or tea......

And write down:

One Good Thing - this is a conscious observation and gratitude for just one thing in your life that moment, that day, that instant - which you see and are thankful for. It can be a big thing. A little thing. A silly thing. ANYTHING. Just as long as it's ONE thing that you genuinely see as good, and can sincerely offer your gratitude for in the moment.

One Simple Action - This is a specific commitment to DO SOMETHING that day. Not someday. Not maybe. Not IF YOU HAVE THE TIME.... but ONE Simple action that you will absolutely prioritize and do that day. Examples might be; go to a meeting, call a family member to make an amends, book an appointment with a therapist, read a chapter in the Big Book, share something shameful with a friend or sponsor that you want to let go of..... it can be anything, really, so long as it is ONE SIMPLE ACTION that you can commit to and which supports your sobriety in some way.

One Kind Gesture - this is a specific commitment to GIVE of yourself to another. This is a thing that you will offer into the world TODAY. Not MAYBE, not if you get the time, but one Kind Gesture that you will commit to giving that gets you outside yourself. Maybe it will be buying a stranger's coffee, maybe it will be volunteering at the homeless shelter, maybe it will be speaking at the local detox unit, maybe it will be helping pack meals for the hungry.... offering your neighbor help with the yard. Anything. The gesture is less important than the commitment, the follow through, and the giving.

These three simple steps, taken daily, once a week, whatever - can really be a powerful exercise that helps keep your mind, your focus, your heart, aligned to sobriety and wellness.

Happy sobriety to you.

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I love it. The small things are so important.
I feel inspired to try this and share what these were for me today (even though unplanned):

Good Thing: my kind understanding forgiving supporting husband.

Simple Action: I listened to Alcoholism documentaries all day. Definitely a very big motivator.

Kind Gesture: I took my dog out for a full one hour work. On hangover days I would cut this down a lot, so I could get my lazy butt back on the sofa.

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Simply beautiful.
Thank you!
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Thank you FreeOwl 🦉🦉🦉
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Great advice thank you.
Will be Trying this myself
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