You get help, you give help... Don't give up on you

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You get help, you give help... Don't give up on you

So in my program daily I ask questions and get advice, tonight I asked a question here, and I was blessed with some awesome answers.

Well, I am new to sobriety, but I give what little answers I have. So bear with me.

Don't give up on yourself, you can do this, 1, 2 rehabs, or more, detoxes, and so forth all failures in your mind, well they weren't they were starts that didn't work out. Actually, I had 4 rehabs, and 9 detoxes, 11 stays in a mental hospital, One lost wife, multiple lost friends, 9 lost jobs. 5 sponsors, worked steps 1 to 5 twice, 1 to 1 once, 1 to 10 once, and now 1 to 8, its complicated.

Yeah thats all nonsense, I have a good job now, a support group in AA, and rebuilding life, don't give up every start is an opportunity and staying sober has rewards, all the rewards offered in the BB and the promises.

Pick up a phone, don't be afraid to admit in a moment you can't do it, talk to someone, do something that isn't drinking, its all good ride the waves, at times you're going to cry and hate life, but its good, you'll be OK sober can't kill you ( with the exception of withdraw, don't do that alone or with medical advice) rough road but guess what like 17 meetings today alone where I live. YOu can hit a meeting anytime just about except overnight and then if you plan it right you're asleep.

Just don't give up on you give yourself every opportunity to be sober, feel doubt head on down to AA, its free and you score some coffee, and you might make friends and get more numbers.

You haven't lost, you've won for trying today! Remember that always don't get down on yourself, I had lots of failure to find where I am at now, its not perfect, but I like the place I am at, and you can too. Get to a meeting make calls, get a help, don't ever get down on yourself for slipping up, get up on yourself for wanting to quit and do it again.
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Very encouraging post , your right we must keep trying .
I was talking to a guy from our village who drinks on the street every day . It was 0910 in the morning and I saw he was really suffering waiting on 10am opening time . I didn't mention anything about drinking as I know plenty of people try to help him . I felt his pain , that horrible hellish wait till opening time , ive been there . But even for him its not too late ,its never too late to seek help . I agree as you say dont try it alone talk to your doctor or call someone .
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