Itching after 14 Days

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Itching after 14 Days

I'm on day 14 but am itching more than I did my first week of detox.

I started itching on day 11 and continue to itch. Is this normal?
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Yep. Lots of people seem to experience this. Honestly. If you do a search for 'itching' Sober Recovery you will see that it comes up pretty often. (Just click the magnifying glass image in the top right of the page and type in 'itching' and enter) Then you will see what I mean!!

It will pass if you keep hydrated and eat healthily, and don't drink any alcohol.

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DarklingSong (08-30-2017)
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Hang in there
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auxilio (08-19-2017)
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Stay hydrated... take some vitamins. your body is working things out. :-)
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I hope you feel better, and don't hesitate to talk to your dr if you are concerned.
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Okay I am on day 80 and the last few weeks my skin has been really itchy. I have never had any issues with sensitive skin or anything of that nature. Am using the same washing powder shower gel etc do we think 80 days is a bit late in the game to have 'recovery itch' ?????? lol
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I just want to rip my skin off!!!

Ok i guess i'm in denial....
Here in Australia drinking is part of the culture and is almost a sport. I'm 67 and have been pretty much drinking most of my adult life. I've been pretty lucky with my addictions and over the years have been able to quit smoking recreational drugs and my relationship with alcohol has been pretty relaxed. Until now....
I quit a month ago because i need to lose weight and the booze kills my willpower. Quitting was pretty easy for me even though i've been drinking pretty much every day, wine mostly for the past ten years or so. What i didn't expect was the ITCH!
My God its driving me crazy! I didn't connect it to alcohol withdrawal because it only started after a few weeks, when i thought it was all behind me. Can this really be withdrawal related? Jeez how long does it last???
Nothing much helps and i cant sleep. I want to stay dry and lose weight but this is one heavy price to pay....
Any advice would be fab!
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I heard and read that it has something to do with the Liver trying to release the toxins. May be best to see a DR. for a complete physical. It is always a good idea after alcohol abuse.
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Welcome aboard Sydneyhom - feel free to start your own thread - you'll get more responses that way

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sober style
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My itching stopped after 3 or 4 weeks. The main thing is not to drink or you'll have to start over from scratch.
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