Five (5!!!) years sober today

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Way to go on five years!!!

I'm rarely on here these days, but I'm super glad I peaked in tonight and saw this post.

I remember when I first found SR and you had like 9 months and I thought that was sooooooooooo long.

I hope you're continuing to enjoy lots of travel and adventure.
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Congratulations on 5 years!!!
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5 years!!! That is so awesome!!! Congrats!!!
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Right on bigS!
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Congrats BigS!
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Five years is a special milestone! Huge congratulations to Big Sombrero!

When I first joined SR, his was one of the distinctive voices that stood to me, in messages that echo his comments in this thread. Big S has a powerful way of acknowledging the challenges in attaining sobriety while championing the fact it is within everyone's reach.

Congrats again, Big S! I look forward to your 10-year anniversary and your kind, uplifting words in between.
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Five years if sobriety is fantastic and to achieve it while living and doing business in a foreign country is nothing short of immense. You were and still are, a source of inspiration for me.
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Massive well done Bigsombrero
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Fantastic 5 years of recovery!
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