Early Sobriety

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Early Sobriety

Good Morning all -

Question on early sobriety... I've tried several time to get sober, and lasted short amounts of time mostly due to the fact that I've isolated myself as a drinker and don't have a lot of social interaction when I'm sober.

Outside of AA, where are some good places to go meet and develop relationships? This feels like my biggest weak point as I'm trying to stay sober.

Thanks! Day 3
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A few good places to try are which, for my area, have groups that are specifically alcohol-free social events. I've also found good people in various adult classes and volunteer opportunities. Some classes I like include improv, stand-up comedy, running, and yoga. In general, I've found people that are actually doing things with their lives don't make alcohol central to it, so even if they drink a little they aren't pushing it on me.
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Local conservation groups, like the Trustees, Hiking clubs, or the Audubon Society have websites with walks and workshops. Get out into the fresh air, learn a new skill, all good.
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Join a gym or health club or the YMCA.

It gives you a chance to develop some positive physical habits, and you meet people who are also trying to take care of themselves.
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