Here we go again...

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Here we go again...

Sorry I ghosted there for a few days. I had to get a new phone and things have been crazy.

Long story very short, I'm back at the beginning.

A few days ago I met with my sponsor, and went to a few meetings. Then I found out they're cutting hours drastically for everyone at my current job. Then I found out the last part of the hiring process for my new job got rescheduled, pushing my start date out even farther. Then I got paid and realized I'm going to be even shorter on money than I thought. And I lost it.

I could make excuses all day, but we all know that excuses mean nothing. Instead of going to a meeting or calling my sponsor I called a friend who had the number of one of my dealers whose number I had deleted, and I got high.

I am totally ashamed. I'm right back where I started feeling hopeless and depressed. I know what I have to do but I'm so defeated I can't do anything but sit here and cry. Feeling sorry for myself is really gonna do a world of good, right? Ugh.
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Kittenmittens, Don't beat yourself up, shame does not help at all does it. Just pick yourself up and learn from it.

Welcome and I hope to see you on SR
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Oh KM, I've read your first couple of posts and I'm sorry to hear things have been tough for you. I'm way too early on in my sobriety to give any advice, I think you know what you need to do anyway...

Just wanted to say that we're here for you. Stay strong. Take care.
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Thank you guys.
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I've kind of been in a place where I have almost lost it lately. You posting helps me to see what would happen if I do. I know what you are feeling. Reaching out for help has saved me just the last couple of days and I know what I need to do... reach out to others who are hurting. Good vibes to you and doing the next RIGHT thing
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