Crossing my fingers

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Crossing my fingers

Hi everyone! Just checking in...haven't had a drink in over 20days..Lost my license last week(90days)..First thought was 'Have a drink,can't go anywhere..I've been looking for a 9-5 job to have some structure/extra cash. Turning in applications within walking distance, no avail. "positions been filled,going with someone else,ect"..Today I got a call back for the perfect job! It's a 10 minute walk and across the street from one of my AA meeting locations..Waiting on the day/time to go back for my 2nd interview now...merry xmas!
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Do your best
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Congratulations on day 20 & hopefully youl find work soon enough

Happy Christmas
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Crossing fingers for you!

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Congratulations on your 20 days of sobriety. The job interview sounds hopeful and I hope it works out for you.
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Good one.
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good luck with the job DR and Merry Christmas.
Glad you're recommitting to being sober.

Its good to use those experiences - if you face stress or disappointment again - and most of us will, how might you handle it better next time?

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Glad you checked in, DR. I hope you hear something positive soon. Sounds perfect for you. Good to know you have 20 sober days - well done.
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Geez that's really nice you found a job so quickly and walking distance to boot! And congrats on three weeks! 😀
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
if you face stress or disappointment again - and most of us will, how might you handle it better next time?

Daily meeting(s).
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Thanks,everyone! I don't 'need' a job, as I'm self-employed. The 9-5 is just a part of my sober plan. As a business owner, it's pretty crazy how the job hunt goes nowadays! I had no idea(been 20+yrs since i've job searched) how hard it is! Kinda makes me want to revamp a few of my hiring policies. Just got home an hour ago from my night meeting.. Met my 1st 'new comer' and it was a great meeting!
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Day 20 is fantastic DontRemember!! Keep pushing through!!
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