an experience of it getting easier....

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an experience of it getting easier....

I'm about a year and 4 months without a drink, and this past Sunday my family and my good buddie's wife threw us a joint 40th surprise party at his house (I turned 40 in Oct. him in December). A few old friends showed up and I had a ton of laughs and good times, such a good time I had to pull my friend's wife aside and ask if the seltzer/fruit punch I was drinking had any booze in it. I was litterally, naturally buzzed! I had no worries as I watched a few friends thinking about beer supply, if they needed another one or not, etc. I felt good as I kept the same frame of mind and clarity while I watched my friends go through beers. I had no problem with any of it; a far cry from a year ago when I really wanted to join in. So, newcomers out there, keep going, it gets easier and so worth it.
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That is great news and gives us hope. Congrats on turning 40 and staying sober!
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Thanks for posting. I have to go out to bars in order to socialize and listen to live music. I don't want to erase that from my life because otherwise I'd never go anywhere. It's encouraging to know that urges don't just go down at home, but in social situations as well.
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Sounds like a great way to kick off your 40s!
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Thank you for your post and happy birthday!
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great news
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Giving up is NOT an option.
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At almost two years, I can now go pretty much anywhere, with other people who are drinking, and give it hardly a thought. The only thoughts about drinking I really have when out and about are that my friends can get stupid and boring after several drinks. I always have an escape plan - it's just not that much fun to hang out with inebriated people.
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Thats great phlowing - and happy birthday

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