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Once again its 1pm. Went eight days the other week, felt amazing. Been reading all ypur lovely posts all week and today was gonna be my 'join the good guys club' day. One and a half bottles of white later here I am, kidding myself that I am watching the end of a movie (again). Guess you have all made those sort if excuses to yourselves ? Anyway, just wanted to say that at this point. Tommorow is another day. I am forever the optimist, if nothing else. Sorry for self indulging but not feeling worthy of it (all over again and again and again.Aaarrgghhhh). Good wishes to all of you lovelys.
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What's the plan moving forward Lolly? For me continuing to do the same things over and over without changing anything would always lead to the same results, nothing changed if nothing changed.

Maybe more support in your plan, more resources to get over that week hurdle and beyond, keep adding to your plan and it'll happen.

You can do this!!
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You people are awesome. Such a quick response. I cant think now, its too late but I have to do something, getting all sorts of tummy region pains ! Like everyone else on this site, I am wondering how my life led me here, it certainly wasnt mapped in the stars. Parents were not drinkers etc. I am going to check back in with you all tommorow. As with everyone, my story/reason to quit is so much more involved than I can begin to explain now.
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Just would like to add, I have been following todays 'I dont miss' thread. Every single post is me. I had no idea that I was walking amongst people that felt exactly like me all the time.
Didnt think that anyone else could be as sad and pathetic as I am, great to know that its possible to come out the other side, everyone sounds so happy and comfortable.
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Hi Lolly,

There is no rush to explain your story if you are not ready to do so. We do understand how hard this is and I'm so glad you posted and are ready to take action.
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Lolly - we're so glad to have you here. Sometimes it takes us a few tries to get started. The important thing is you've come here to talk things over with people who understand & care. I felt so alone until I found SR. The comfort of other's words and suggestions gave me the courage to quit. You can do this.
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