candida overgrowth anyone ,?

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candida overgrowth anyone ,?

Anyone ever have a candida over growth ???

What were your synotoms.??

Yes I'm playing Dr Google literally been to 11 doctors now trying to figure out what this stomach pain and extreme fatigue is
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What did the doctors say?
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Yes! I have to take a good probiotic and stay away from certain things like nuts and dairy. My first sign is a white coated tongue/sore mouth. I have it now from eating ice cream. And SUGAR it promotes yeast growth. I also get stuffy and headaches.
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Your question about candida reminded me of when I had chronic IBS for years - gut pain.

After many years and doctors I found the answer accidentally. The answer for me was a new fridge. My old one was cold but obviously not cold enough.

gut pain gone and has not reoccured.

I'm not suggesting this is your problem - I'm not even a Google Dr - but the answer could be as basic - who knows?

whats your diet like?

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Thanks for that Dee. I keep my fridge/freezer below the normal range. No more. Yeast/mold...yuk!
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Hmmm. Well if it is Candida sugar is the enemy. Maybe try the elimination diet. Eliminate things that are known to cause digestion issues: Dairy, anything with flour/gluten, sugar (all sugar, including fruit). So you eat basically a diet of healthy protein sources (organic, grass fed stuff), healthy fat (no corn oil, vegetable oil, soybean oil, canola oil, margarine...all icky stuff) and non starchy vegetables. Do that for 7-10 days. See what happens. Then, if you're really attached to processed food (stuff with flour) start adding it back in slowly. See what happens. You get my drift. Probably add fruit before flour. Anyway, that worked for me when I was trying to figure out if I had a diary allergy. I did, for 3 years. Now I don't. Weird.
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