Hand trimmers

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Hand trimmers

I am a 32 yr old man has been a binge drinker for nearly 10 years. Never been an everyday drinker but when I would I blacked out 90% of the time. I have been trying to quit for 4 years with many relapse. Today I sit here in my Dui class with shaky hands and a foggy mind. I haven't drank since March this time. I know that I have done damage to my nervous system and brain function but I wonder if any of it can truly be corrected by staying sober. I am self conscious about my hand trimmers, in my mind I feel like I look like I have early stages of Parkinson's disease. Has anyone else had this problem & did you find a solution?
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Hello Free, I also had hand tremors that started about 5 yrs ago. Difference in our habits is that I was an everyday 12-15 or more drinks for probably almost 10 yrs before I quit last August. I went from hand tremors, to mild anxiety, to high anxiety and panic attacks (which led me to where I am now) 9 months sober today. The tremors are gone (for the most part) and my anxiety is moderate at times and very mild on a more regular basis now. I too know my brain is still healing and believe this will get even better for me if I don't drink. I'll also add that I believe I may an underlying anxiety issue but I've never really been diagnosed due to the fact that I was always too drunk to notice. Hope this helps you some.
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Good for you for being sober since March. That's great and I hope you continue. It's possible that the shaky hands will ease up with time, but I'm sure you know the best thing you can do is to stay sober. Have you talked to your dr about this problem?
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If you are still having tremors, I'd suggest seeing your doctor for a complete check up.
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Have they improved at all? I'm with the others - a trip to a Dr. will ease your mind.
Congrats on quitting! That's a great accomplishment.
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Tremors suck mine got better with time and speaking with a dr
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I was a daily drinker for the last five years. I am just short of 8 months sober now. My shaky hands were really embarrassing. It has definitely gotten better over the last 8 months. I've noticed it happens more in the mornings before I've had something to eat, and it definitely happens when I'm anxious or nervous. I think it's good to see if there are patterns that set it off. It does get better! Congrats on your sober time, and keep on keepin on!!
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