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I don't want to drink... But would love for the daily headaches that commence at 5pm to go away... They are definitely getting old. Perhaps it's a symptom of the constant mental thought process of not drinking and filling the time with all of the things I was avoiding when I would drink. I'm sure with time it will improve but right now they are really, really annoying.
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Used to happen to me for the first few weeks, something sugary did the trick, a sweet tea, hot chocolate, bowl of ice cream, milkshake.

I guess the body was craving the sugar in alcohol and wasn't getting it, I always started drinking after work around 5/6pm, having something strategic in it's place for me did the trick!!

Hang in there!!
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Me too, I'm confident that they will stop any day now. For both of us.
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Make sure you're staying hydrated, too -- dehydration can bring on a headache too.
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if they don't fade book a Dr apt to rule out anything
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I had headaches for maybe 3 weeks - but like soberwolf said if you're concerned or they're too debilitating, why not see a Dr?

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Thanks all :-). I'm actually not a stranger to headaches. I've suffered from tension/stress headaches for years... Typically if I keep my stress in check, exercise well... It keeps me unstressed and the headaches aren't a problem. I think I have definitely been lacking in water intake of late... My Lips have been rather dry, as well. The headaches aren't debilitating or concerning at this point, just a nuisance. I'm going to make sure to focus on getting my water consumption back on track over the next few days and see if that helps, as well. If not, I'll get in with the doc to see what he says.
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