Going to my parents

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Going to my parents

Hi all,

I'm still sober. I have no desire to drink. But to be sure, I am going to spend some time at my parents. It's an alcohol-free zone with a lot of fun and distractions.

I have no idea when I'm coming back home. When it feels right is the only thing I can say.

They're picking me up in about an hour. After that, it might be a while before I come back. Since I've heard that some people get concerned about other members disappearing (I get that as well), I just wanted to post this so that you know that I'm in good hands.

See you when I'm back.

Be well, friends!
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Take care of yourself Mike, we're here for you when you're next online!!
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Take good care of yourself.
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Take care Mike.
I hope you are also working on aquiring some coping skills for when you do return home.
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Hope it goes well.

It must be wonderful to know that you have that kind of support.

Hang in there.
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So glad to hear from you and that you are sober and doing well

Good luck at your parents. Best wishes
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Well done Mike...wishing you well in your recovery x
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Good for you Mike!!:-)
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Good going Mike.

Best Regards
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Whatever it takes Mike. Good initial step.
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We'll be thinking of you, Mike. Please be good to yourself.
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Still pulling for you, Mike! Be well!
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I too am going to my parents for a week in Florida and I may want to be there longer who knows! It will be a safe place for you and like people said, hopefully you can come up with some coping skills for your return. That's what I'm hoping to do while I'm away. Have fun!
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I think it's really good that you're seeking support from your family.
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Thinking of you Mike!
Enjoy the time with your parents, it sounds like you have a great support system there. Keep us updated
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Do your best
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Rootin for you mike
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Be well and see you later✌🏻️
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