Stupid AV

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Stupid AV

AV says "A nice bottle of wine would be lovely"
AV has triggered a craving

My Mind is saying "You cant drink like a normal person"
"You wont be able to stop at just one bottle"
"62 days alcohol free will be thrown down the pan"
"You will have a horrendous hangover"
"You will be physically sick"
"Just get through today without a drink"
"Your AV is an ********"
"Alcohol is a poison and it is dangerous"
"Dont even go there.... Its not worth it"

There we go feel better already!!!
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Im having a bath instead, dunno why but a bath always helps. Surprised me this craving, came completely out of the blue, just a little thought popped in my mind which said it would be ok..... no way hose! NOT going there.
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Good job posting your defense against the AV, Blueberry. Whatever you do, don't pick up, it's just not worth it! Stupid AV is correct, it has no rational thought ability, it just wants what it wants, like a child throwing a tantrum. Stay strong, you can do this!
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Glad your rational side won out.
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Nice.. Always remember that alcohol will never
Fix anything, so when your AV say do it you know it's a lie
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Need to remind myself regularly why I cant drink, especially when it just sneaks up on me like it just did, kinda threw me a little that one.
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It's surprising when a craving hits, out of the blue, but good for you for riding it out and moving on.
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The last time my AV spoke to me, I was putting on makeup getting ready for work in the morning.
AV said "Well you don't really drink THAT MUCH...." you can control it, you can drink tonight, you have been so good...and I found my sane self agreeing, that's right, I don't drink THAT MUCH...

Then the sane me work from the trance, and laughed out loud! Define MUCH!!!!
Almost got me!
I think I hurt AV's feeling as she was never heard from again......
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Great job kickin some AV butt, phhmmff pathetic slimy windbag that it is
But it creeps in other places too, not just "eww a nice harmless glass of ..whatever", it also keeps its claws in with "can't" , it will needle away with "can't" all day and twice on Sunday , until out of seemingly nowhere it's "Can't?! Can't my arse , tired of being told can't! I'll show you can't!"
So try and remember the reasons why you freely choose not to, the reasons you don't , not the reasons you're not allowed or why you (It) can't.
Because It really hates that line of reason, It knows it's beat when It hears that , sucks the "life" right out of It
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Do your best
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Congrats BB
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Way to put that AV in its place, blueberry.

(Baths always helped me, too, by the way).

Congratulations on 62 sober days!!!!!
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yeah just gotta keep at that.

I can cut a lime and its liek "oh wow a vodka would be awesome right about now" OMFG did i just think that? the scent of the lime triggers me every time!! then i just do what you did and explain to myself the insanity of such an idea etc.. and move on.

Now I guess its a hair easier for me now then at 60 days sober but it still happens. Many triggers are no longer even issues as time goes on. But there are still some that pop up from time to time.

Your doing a good job just gotta talk that AV voice down.

its nuts tho you start to really realize the sheer insanity of it and your like My god its like jekyl and hyde isnt it? yes it is!
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