Programme - I'm an alcohlic: My name is...

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Programme - I'm an alcohlic: My name is...

There has been a programme on recently here in the UK on channel 5 called I'm an alcoholic: My name is...

I found it really interesting. It's still on demand if anyone wants to catch up with it.
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I caught some of it the other day, very interesting show!!
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Hey Charlie I posted too about this but when it was on I also have provided the link in my thread to demand 5 so ppl can see it online

Excellent wasn't it
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It was good. I've never met anyone (not knowingly anyway!) who is addicted like me and it was good seeing people actually talking about it openly and saying things I could really relate to.
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I wanted to see this, but apparently it's not available in the US, even You Tube?
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SiS - it might end up on there eventually but it only aired in the UK the other night. There are a couple of good documentaries on youtube though. Rain in my heart is one I've watched a couple of times. There is a scene if you've not seen it where he downs a big glass of red wine and the presenter says why are you doing that - are you showing up for the camera. That is exactly how I drink when I'm on one - just down it to get as drunk as I can as quickly as possible. Sad!!
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