Trying To Stay Out Of Trouble

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Trying To Stay Out Of Trouble

Recovery and sobriety sure is a long road. And, most of the time I'm pretty steady and level headed. But it seems like either I find trouble, or trouble finds me and then I get into trouble, which is very troubling in and of itself.

So, part of my step work is finding out how I can stay clean and sober and stay out of trouble.

Looking for tips.

thx-in advance
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I don't hang out with the people I used to get into trouble with. I've just been spending time with my fiance and sober members of my family. My fiance does smoke pot, but that doesn't bother me for some reason. Guess it's because she does it in moderation and not around me... and even though I smoked a good bit while I was drinking, it stayed on the list of drugs that I never got addicted to even though I did it a bunch. Funny how the brain picks and chooses what it wants.
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Someone suggested I try to find some local activities around my new place. I had never heard of it so I checked it out. I haven't connected with any activities yet but I do have that on my list of things to do here at some point.

Maybe you can find some sort of activity to do with some new people that would be fun and enjoyable, one that doesn't revolve around substance abuse or drinking.
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I guess it's like Sobriety, we can make decisions about our life, what activities to get involved in and what people we hang out with, there's choice on in all aspects about the life we now want to create.

Changing up your lifestyle on all levels may be the way forward!!
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