Checking in

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Checking in

Hello all:

Haven't posted in a while, haven't even logged in but as usual I still keep SR open in my phone and I read EVERYDAY. I am still going, haven't drank, have been hearing a little of the AV but nothing big and no real cravings. Have been through a lot of test and I have passed them all and I can say that I inspired one of my friends to "cut back"... Whatever that means.

I have a huge test coming up. I have to go to another city to take it so I will be alone for a night. My AV popped up but I know that I will be fine cause my test is early morning so I know I will not be drinking when I am alone. It's interesting because I never drank alone but since I quit, every time I have known that I'm going to be alone, my AV pops us. I hope this will end some day.

I am doing well personally, nervous about my test but tranquil in general. My husband however is depressed and won't help himself and this is very annoying for me. I have suggested many things to him by he won't do anything. At east he hasn't asked me to drink with him so that's good .

So really not much to say but thought I would touch base.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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Congrats on staying sober!

Thinking through your upcoming trip can be helpful in avoiding a relapse. Use all of the tools you need and stay close here.

Are you doing anything in addition to SR for your recovery? Simply white-knuckling your way through often isn't enough to keep this up for the long run. Please make sure you have plenty of tools and support!
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I use AVRT and SR. Everyday!!!!
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I'm glad you posted! I just posted on here again, too, just to check in. Like you, I have been reading everyday, but I want to make sure I keep myself accountable on here, too.

It sounds like you are taking all the right precautions, looking ahead to the upcoming trip, and recognizing when you are most likely to have urges to cave. I'm sorry your husband has been so depressed. As someone with depression myself, I can say just because he isn't doing anything, doesn't mean he doesn't want to, or that he is purposely sabotaging himself. I can't speak for him, but I know that for me it is very hard to even want to do anything to help myself, let alone actually do it. Hearing advice from an outside source doesn't always compute into the depressed brain. At least you have been doing so well on your journey, so you know you have the experiences to help him when he's ready, whatever the problems may be.
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Thanks WT. Depression is just so strange and hard to understand. His dad is also badly depressed and he kept telling him before, "just snap out of it". I know it isn't as easy as that and I always told him that, now he is really understanding it. I just suggest to him to go for a walk and try to exercise I think that would make a big difference. I am very happy I quit drinking that is for sure and I think that he is starting to see and understand my reasoning. He put up with my BS for many years so I owe him at least five years of putting up with him depressed

Since I started my sober journey a year and almost 4 months ago I have been doing a lot of personal work and I feel that it has helped in all aspects of my life. I always tell him to read and educate himself but since I am his wife, I guess he won't take the advice from me. He is aware of it though. The hardest part for me is the negativity.
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I'm glad to hear your update.

I'm sure it's very hard to live with someone who is depressed and I hope that your husband will decide to seek support for himself.

It sounds like you're doing well with your recovery and I wish you well with your upcoming test.
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SR will be here if you need us nowisthetime

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