Day # 3 with some fear

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Day # 3 with some fear

Hello folks. Last week I posted that I wanted to get sober. Ive been drinking hard for 20 years. It was a rocky start but I'm on day 3. I'm a little hesitant about writing since its so early but to be straight up i need the support. Its a weird feeling not having that bottle in arms reach. I keep forgetting and looking for it then i have to remind myself i'm not drinking. I feel lonely without it as bad as that sounds. Ive never been one to express feelings so sharing my feelings is a little tough to do and to get use to. Thank you
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You're doing great, Ben. Day 3 is fantastic and you're doing well expressing your feeling. It's very emotional to let go of the alcohol crutch we've clung to for so long. I felt like I was taking a leap of faith. And, do have faith that it will work.
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It gets easier, Ben.

The important thing is to remember that alcohol is off the table. It cannot be an option. Once I did that, I actually found it very comforting to give up "the battle."

You can do this.
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Great job, Ben! You are doing great!
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Hi Ben. I drank for 3 decades so I understand what you are going through. I used alcohol to medicate every emotion I had. I've been sober for 6 months and it does take getting used to. It really does get easier the more distance you put between yourself and the bottle.

You're doing great! Keep going - you won't regret it!
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Nice work, Ben! It gets easier. Don't romanticize the darn stuff like I have tende to do.
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GentelBen, please share any time. Keep posting. At first I felt like I lost some kind of friend(bad friend). You have to find something to fill the void. There are a million healthy things you are free to do now. Reading a good book is good. Start a journal. Exercise is a huge help. Go for a walk. Go to a meeting. Draw. Cook something. You are doing the best thing you can do for yourself. You will start to feel better and better.
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Stay with it already know where the other road leads - give this one a chance

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Ben, Great Job getting to day 3! I am on day 3 too so I know how hard it is. I have also been drinking for 20 years (on a very close to daily basis). I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I just joined this forum today and it looks like there is a lot of support here Good luck to you.
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Way to go, Ben! Day 3 is excellent. I found it odd to be mentally and emotionally present and early on felt sad, too to "give up" what seemed like an old friend. In reality, it was a horrid beast and life is simply so much better sober.
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Keep going my friend. Don't waste those three days.

I'm getting ready to start sobriety again myself.

Your a boxer, in a heavyweight title match right now. The purse isn't money or fame, it's your life. Fight for it.
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Thank you all for the support. It's gonna be a long road ahead so I'm gonna just take a deep breath and try to relax. I can already tell I'm not gonna sleep well tonight.
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It will get better, I promise.
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Hang in there GentleBen.
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