Life After Alcohol

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Life After Alcohol

6 Things I Learned During Two Years Without Alcohol | Kelly Fitzgerald
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That bell or bike person
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I especially like her last line about chasing freedom through drink and drugs but finally achieving it through sobriety .
cheers , m
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Life after alcohol is the thought i struggle with.....I feel so much like I'm in pause mode at the minute and at some point will have to press play again.

I remember being happy and contented in my long spell of sobriety but it almost feels like a different lifetime now.

I hope I can find the level of happiness that blogger seems to have achieved.
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I read her blog a year ago, its inspiring to hear that she's still doing well. The picture alone speaks a million words.
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"Some days the gratitude is almost too much to bear and I just can't believe I've been given this amazing second chance at life. I have to pinch myself and ask is this really my life?"

THIS! I feel the same way now.
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Thanks NYC. Mex, I agree that Life After Alcohol does indeed open so many doors. That freedom can be overwhelming, though and I think that's where some of us get stuck. Simply "getting sober" is merely an access code to amazing technology.....without any training or user manual. Without "sobriety training", access to this freedom doesn't really do much. Sometimes frustration sets in, and with nothing better to do, alcoholics relapse into the familiar.

I find myself continuing to recommend a complete lifestyle overhaul after getting sober. Do a complete factory reset on the system. You can't remove the scratches on the outside of the computer, but you can install a new hard drive. Adopting a completely new way of thinking and approach to life can really help clear the cobwebs after getting sober, and, like this woman, discover the wonders of new realities.
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