'S up?

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'S up?

SR said I should check in more. I'm one year and one day Sober. Have a lovely day!

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Congratulations, Bunnie!
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MissMar (05-14-2015)
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Happy Sober Anniversary! I can't wait to hit the one year mark as well!
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MissMar (05-14-2015)
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Good to hear from you and a big congratulations
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MissMar (05-14-2015)
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Amazing landmark! Congratulations
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MissMar (05-14-2015)
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Congrats and Thanks for the inspiration! I'm starting day four today!
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MarioBee (05-14-2015)
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Terrific and inspiring! Congratulations!!
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Wow, bunnz - that is great!
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Congrats! That is awesome!
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Congrats! Way to go!
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Congrats...inspiring & uplifting.
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Almost 700 years sober
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Hi Bunnez sorry i havnt said sooner i was shot down with food poisoning really really happy for you
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bunnezjp (05-14-2015)
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Congratulations! Happy first year and many more to come!
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Fantastic Bunnez!!
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Congratulations bunnezjp

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Behold the power of NO
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Great job, bunnez.

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congrats on a year,
about ten minutes ago I was digging at some old mulch and weeding when a teeny weeny bunny ran between my legs and about gave me a heart attack
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Learning to live again
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Yay bunnez - one year plus is so wonderful!
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