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How long does the fatigue last? I'm 11 days sober and I'm whipped by 5pm. I'm just so exhausted in the evening. Any idea?
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For me, the fatigue started to lessen after about two weeks. It was a slow processes, but everyday it got a little better and was significantly better by 4 weeks and gone completely by 6.
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There is hope!!! I've never been so tired in my life. I know I'm healing but my goodness. It's like I get hit by a train every evening. Thanks for the insight. Fingers crossed. In in Florida too.
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I'm right there with you Ice. 11 days for me and around 6 each night I am worthless. All I want to do is crawl in bed and fall asleep.
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I felt quite fatigued for a few months.

However, I'll just speak for myself when I say I was fatigued ALL THE TIME when I was drinking and hungover everyday so the fatigue was nothing new, it was just a continuing effect from the years of drinking.

Believe us that it does get better.
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It gets better. I was exhausted by 2 pm, then 5 and then gradually things returned to normal. Expect it to take a few months and don't push yourself too hard as your body needs to heal.
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I still get tired after 10 weeks. Not sure to put it down to working every day and keeping busy, Or sobriety. Or maybe both.

Edit: I am sleeping better though.
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I was exhausted for about a month; the exhaustion turned into what I describe as lethargy which stuck around until about the six month mark when it slowly but noticeably began to lift.

Hang in there, Ice. These symptoms are worth the end result!!!!!
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About 4 months for me, but I abused alcohol for 3 decades.

I can TOTALLY relate to how you feel. It does get better. Keep it up
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