If alcohol was a pill.

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If alcohol was a pill.

Would alcohol would be viewed differently if it were a pill? I think a lot of people would admit they use it too often if it weren't a drink. What do you think? If I were having to take 12 pills a day to catch a buzz and pass out I would have thought I had a problem way sooner.
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Benzos are pretty close to alcohol in a pill form, and people seem to have no problem abusing them for long periods of time. In my view the addiction itself is the problem, and recognizing it no matter what your DOC is.
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Been there done that.
Addiction is addiction. If I could smoke it, pop it, drink it to get a high, I was game.

I'm just really glad I never tried and feared meth and crack.
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Alcohol (and cigarettes) are just treated differently because of their ubiquity and their longer history when compared to chemical synthetics I suppose.

Maybe in time medical science will have enough understanding of the addictive process that there won't be future generations of people like us
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I always thought they were pretty similar bc they are kind of the "socially acceptable " drugs.
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Of course it would be different. Think of how society would ostracize you if you were sitting in a pill bar, popping them in your mouth while you watched the playoffs? People would say it's insane! Same think as drinking if you ask me.

The cop out would be " alcohol is a grain, therefore "natural".
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INgal that's what I was thinking.
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