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It's the difference between my drinking self and my sober self. Not very profound. ..but today I am filled with gratitude. When I drank, I was filled with self pity and negativity. I was depressed, living in isolation, and miserable. Wow, how my life has turned around. Now I'm more active, socialize more, feel great, and have fun. I sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed. I have fun on the weekends. Someone said earlier...tetra, I think...that they have today some of the things that they dreamed about yesterday. It's so true...anything is possible in sobriety. Life becomes manageable. Housework gets done. Savings account grows. You keep up with your life. For those of you who are struggling. ...keep pushing through...we all know how hard it is. ..but we also know how wonderful it is to make it through. I am so grateful that I was able to stop drinking. I am so grateful for all the positive changes that have occurred in my life as a result.
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Great post!
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Excellent post Happy and free. So very true.
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Do your best
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Awesome post
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This is lovely.
I woke up last night with awful indigestion which I hardly ever get, and I thought, "Thank goodness I'm sober so I can stay awake till it passes", I just remember passing out and feeling awful without looking after myself.
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Yes Jane...everything is better. I used to pass out at about 8pm and then would wake up at 2 am feeling HORRIBLE!! I need to remember those terrible days and nights.
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Excellent post, happyandfree!

I felt the exact same way while drinking. So refreshing to "live" life instead of just existing to drink.
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