Research Society Of Alcoholism

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Research Society Of Alcoholism

I came across the RSA today while reading some news articles. I am sure other friends here are aware of this organization - I was not.

The Research Society on Alcoholism was established in 1976 to assist and encourage the application of research to the solution of problems related to alcoholism. RSA serves as a meeting ground for scientists working in all fields of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems. The Society, through its emphasis on research, has served as the interdisciplinary crossroads for the understanding of the causes of and potential cures for alcoholism.

There is much to read and digest from these scientists doing cutting edge research into alcoholism. I am certain also there is much that can be picked apart or supported in what their findings of ongoing research indicates. Found it highly interesting............

White paper from 3/2015


Summary of paper:

While the high rate of alcohol misuse is a devastating problem of national importance,the good news is that this nation is poised to capitalize on unprecedented opportunities in alcohol research, treatment, and prevention.

These opportunities must be seized. Scientists are exploring new and exciting ways to prevent alcohol-associated accidents and violence and prevention trials are developing methods to address problem alcohol use. Continued efforts to identify the psycho social factors which affect both risk and resiliency will lead to further improvements in prevention and early intervention.

Medication development is proceeding faster than any time in the past 50 years, with many new compounds being developed and tested. Furthermore, researchers have identified regions of the human genome that contribute to inherited risk of alcohol use disorders.

Innovative genetic research will accelerate the rational design of medications to treat alcohol use disorders and improve the understanding of the interaction of heredity and environment in the etiology of alcohol use disorders and alcohol related problems.
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That’s interesting and I hope good things come of this research.
I get discouraged with sort of a par research done with overeating and the billions spent on it. It only seems to be getting worse.
IMO the most success is mostly on the individual that WANTS to be helped.

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Here's a telling stat.......again, we should not take anything on blind faith and we certainly know how numbers can be manipulated and/or generalized where hard facts don't exist.

But, even if this is wrong by 50% this number still amazes me;

"More than half of all adults have a
family history of alcoholism or problem drinking."
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I downloaded it last week and the sections about the effect it has on health and that it's the third leading cause of preventable death in the US really spooked me.

The decision not to drink has definitely been a well made one!
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Aside from eugenics or genome manipulation the numbers are going to stay the same or even increase in the coming years if, for no other reason than convenience. I was commenting the other day at the remodeling of several convenience stores here in town. A full half of the store is dedicated to liquor and beer (liquor can be sold in grocery or convo-stores here in MO) now. Went from 2 aisles to 5 in the last few years and their prices are competitive. Craziness....
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Do your best
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Thank you Fly
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