Can't Sleep

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Can't Sleep

Hey everyone! 66 days in for me. I've been here all along the way quietly lurking. You all inspire me through your stories. Keep up the good work. In the beginning it was the anxiety for the first week that kept me awake. Now I'm just a ball of energy all the time. Just want to read, watch tube, work out, play on computer. ......ahhhh!
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Hi Beef

are you getting enough rest or is this becoming a problem for you?

if you're ok with it, no worries - if it's becoming an issue maybe you have to give yourself a curfew?

stay off the PC, and off the coffee and cigs, don't eat too late and try and retrain yourself for 6, 7 8 hours sleep (however much you need?)

It won't happen instantly but it will happen, assuming there's nothing else wrong

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Not a coffee guy and don't smoke. Getting 4-5 hrs a night and not affecting me next day....yet. just need to focus on retraining myself a bit. Maybe workout in morn instead of evening after work. I work out pretty hard core and prefer to get 7-8 a night for rest and recovery.
Maybe it's just an excitement faze with all the extra energy that will balance out after while?
Thanks D
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66 days is brilliant, congratulations! I'm glad you're feeling good. As soon as I get any sober time I'm either really lethargic or very energetic!

Also on a side note, I can't do any exercise aside from yoga at night. Otherwise I am far too amped up and there's no chance of sleeping for hours!
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