1 week!!!!!

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1 week!!!!!

1 week today and I feel great. Nothing like having a clear head to start a week off. But my (av) is already talking so tonight will be the real test I'm at work now so not to bad. Yesterday that's all I could think about to but I find if I go right home and eat I'm all set maybe that will help somebody else because in my drinking days I didn't want nothing to do with eating after work I wanted to get right to the boozing get drunk faster get the first initial buzz. Even my girlfriends proud of me it feels good we actually can have a conversation now . She works nights she told me yesterday when she comes home and sees the lights on she thinks oh great he's drinking but when the lights are off she's more relieved because she knows I'm in bed sleeping . If I was drinking I'd be in bed as early as possible with my hangover .

So all and all I feel great now I need to mix in some exercise and healthy eating and I'll be golden . I'd like to drop at least 30 pounds this year and find myself a new job . You want to eat healthy but it's expensive to eat healthy the price of meat is outrageous. Without my drinking habit I can do it now probably $100 a month on booze if not more sometimes .
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Congratulations on a week, that is fantastic! Sounds like you have some great plans to help things get even better too.
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Good luck on your plan, I have been taking it one step at a time myself so I don't get overwhelmed. I also would like to exercise more, eat better and lose weight but my main focus has really been keeping completely sober.
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Good for you getting through your first week sober.

I'm glad that you are already seeing positive changes in your relationship.
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Great job on 1 week
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Whoo hoo! Congratulations

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Good job on one week! Congratulations.
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Congrats on 1 week! Eating early helps me also.

Way to go!
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Feed your head
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Congrats FYMS a week sober is an amazing thing
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1 Week is fantastic!! Keep pushing through!!
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