So scared

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So scared

Hi all well i did it 24 hours later and no vodka yay. Its a small victory but i just have to keep working at it. One thing that really concerns me is that i work in a supermarket so not only do i have access to drink i also have to sell it and i am scared that if i sell some vodka i may be tempted to buy some after work. I know this might seem pathetic but i am not a strong willed person. Can anyone offer me some advice other than to say change jobs which isnt really possible. Thanks
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It's not pathetic. It's a valid concern. I had to do my grocery shopping at night after the liquor department closed so there was absolutely no chance of that bottle jumping into my cart all by itself.

Alcohol is a highly addictive substance.
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Maybe you can switch shifts for a while so it's illegal to purchase when you get off work?

Phone a friend you trust to help you stay sober and tell them you're thinking about buying a bottle and ask them to talk to you until you get in your car.

If you have a smartphone you can come on here with their app and tell us about it.

Find a recovery support group to go to immediately after work.

Leave your money and credit cards locked in the glove compartment of your car. Hard to buy anything without any cash.

(Sorry for just assuming you drive to work)
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Hi Tizz

Don't be hard on yourself, I don't think you're pathetic at all.

With work, you're doing a good job on day two and definitely stay mindful of why you've made this decision. When I go into supermarkets I chew on gum and that seems to help beat the craving a bit. Since you work there, I really recommend what Bookmaven said about maybe leaving your cash and cards somewhere relatively tricky to get to from work. The more distance and time you can put between getting the craving and buying the booze, the more chance you'll have of avoiding that autopilot feeling.

We are all here to support each other and have faith in yourself. Come on this forum when you can (I have the mobile app so that's handy if you can get it) and post, post, post if you need to!
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Great work tizzkins! Regarding work, perhaps you can just tell yourself that going in the liquor are is absolutely NOT an option for you. There are always going to be opportunties for us to purchase alcohol, but accepting the fact that we cannot, and will not pick up even one drink is a good tool to have in our pockets wherever we may be. Have you considered meetings or any of the self paced recovery plans?
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Do your best
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I avoid the alcohol aisle as it has nothing to offer since im sober

I hear you about handling the alcohol at the checkout and i suggest 2 things it possible to ask your boss to work stockroom or off the checkout

2.if that is not possible and you intend to stay then i suggest remembering that we & all of us are here for you after work your not alone i can understand

My other suggestion is accepting just for today a mere 24h that together me you & all your friends here can stay sober

Deal ?
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This may sound over-simplistic or a little crazy, but the Class of October 2014 likes to hiss at alcohol whenever they see it. You can do it mentally when it crosses the conveyor belt or when you have to scan it; imagine yourself baring your claws and growling and hissing. Let it know you have the upper hand.

I was in the liquor store with my husband a while back and founding myself quietly hissing at my old favorite Chardonnay - felt kind of good.
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I think the important thing here is that you are aware that the alcohol in the store could be a problem for you. Being aware and preparing yourself mentally will help you get through this.
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Go and give AA a shot! AA works if you work it.
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Hi there tizzkins,

Well done on your first twenty four hours. This may help. If you feel the urge or a voice on your shoulder/in your mind tempting you - tell it to **** off.

Good luck, and stay close to SR if you can tonight.


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Best advice given to me here was: thoughts are just thoughts, they do not have to become actions.

This really helped me acknowledge the thought and put it in its place.

You know that this is coming so mentally prepare yourself for when it happens.

YOU make the calls, not your AV!
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everyone that commented has already covered the bases. I can only add is that you keep your eye on the prize (YOU) and don't give alcohol the chance to disrupt your new sobriety. YOU CAN DO THIS!
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Congratulations on 24 hours Tizz.

Bringing enough money for non vodka purchases only might do it. Also like Soberwolf said is it possible for you to avoid the drinks aisle. Not really possible in my supermarket as it is a double width aisle but maybe yours is different. At least maybe avoid at end of shift

Good luck Tizzikins
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