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Question Help!

Hello everyone,
My name is Emily and I'm 23 years old and from Maine. I'm new to the site so
I'm sorry if I do anything incorrectly. I'm just asking for help inchoosing the best rrehabilitation center for me to attend in New England. I've already been sober about 15
days now but I'm still willing to attend rehab for my family to make them more comfortable because they want to make sure I get the help I need to adjust back into the real world after using for almost a decade. Yes, I started using extremely young and I'm so beyond depressed and confused being so newly sober. My emotions are completely all over the place and uncontrollable so I guess I just wanted to know If anyone has attended an awesome rehab facility in new england and if they could help me decide where to go. Thank you for your time.
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Hi and welcome Emily

I have no experience to share but there is the national database of treatment centres

it will give you all the available centres in your area

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HinEmily, welcome to SR. I am a Canadian, so am not familiar with US rehab centres.
I did go to a dual diagnostic treatment centre, in house several years back, for 16/weeks.
I can honestly say it was one of my better decisions and I look fondly back on my memories of that time.
The important thing to do, is to stay focused on your sobriety.
Don't get overly involved in the social aspect. Remember everyone there is sick, too. You want to hang out with the winners in recovery!
Work hard on your programming and do journal. You will need to reread it when your AV (addictive voice)/rears its ugly head.
Best wishes on your journey to sobriety
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Welcome to SR, Emily! It's good to have you with us.
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Welcome Emily
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Welcome to the Forum Emily!!
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Hi Emily, there are loads of resources on the internet regarding rehabs. I read a book about rehabs a while back, can't remember the name, but a HUGE red flag is if the rehab does not have qualified staff, only prior recovered patients. While I think recovered patients are useful, I would definitely want board certified social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists on staff. Good luck to you!
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Welcome Emily. I'm originally from Bangor! Another good friend on here currently lives near the Portland area. We Mainers are no stranger to addiction.

I found a couple websites that may help.

Maine Drug Rehab ? Luxury Alcohol Rehabs ME
8 Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab in ME - Maine
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Welcome, Emily!
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Can't help with a rehab center but I think it's a great idea. It allows you to learn about addiction and be in a safe environment until you get a little sobriety under your belt.

You can do this and congrats on 15 days.
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Welcome to the family!
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Learning to live again
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Great to meet you Emily - I hope you'll stay with us. This is a wonderful place for encouragement as you adjust to your new life.
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Glad you found SR!

maybe ask your doctor, they may know of the treatment centers in your area
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Welcome, Emily

I just got out of a rehab facility in Massachusetts that I can't recommend enough. Feel free to message me about it
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