Extra energy during recovery?

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Extra energy during recovery?

I'm a newcomer to these forums and am in the process of recovering from a porn addiction (I know the forum is mostly for drug and alcohol, but I hope it's okay to post given the similarities). I'm currently 46 days sober and am glad that I'm doing it!

One thing I noticed after day 35 or so was that I seemed to have a lot more energy than I used to. While part of that could be attributed to nicer weather in my area affecting my mood, I wondered if it was possible that my mind and body were no longer exerting energy for my addictive behavior like it used to and that energy was now "freed up."

Is this something that other recovering addicts feel? I haven't read much about this being a result of becoming sober, so I'm not sure if I can attribute it to my sobriety or something else.

As a follow up, has anybody ever felt like that extra energy became "too much"? For the last few days I feel as though I'm overflowing with energy, like I'm a superhero about to explode into flames. I feel like I want to get out and exercise a whole bunch, which is a shame because I have a desk job. When I do exercise I find it helps and that I seem to perform better than I have recently. But then after about an hour I'm back to a feeling of too much energy. I dunno, maybe my body is just crazy tense and my instinct is to exercise to get it out (a healthy way to cope that I've learned), but I'm not sure if this is stuff other addicts go through.
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Hi Will - welcome

It was the opposite for me - but I'm glad you've found a benefit so soon

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Feed your head
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Welcome Will
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Welcome to the Forum Will!!
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