into week 8 now.

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into week 8 now.

i admit that last week i had (yet another) horrible bout of bronchitis. i couldn't slept for 3 nights (not a wink!!) due to the coughing and shortness of breath and i was just knackered. i tried everything i could including, bizarrely, throwing up in the hope it would lubricate and soothe my throat somehow(?!) but i was utterly exhausted so i got drunk in order to sleep and it actually worked. i did that twice last week. not proud of that and it is of course a set back but considering my fatigue and that i couldn't breathe (i was just pacing the living room gasping for breath after i laid down, crying my eyes out through sheer frustration and desperation) i think it was worth it in those instances. (shame on me, i know).
still, that is over now. into week 8 after a minor hiccup and still feeling good. at least i had a genuine 'reason' to take action, rather than just drinking to get drunk etc.
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Must have been terrible. Well I hope you jump back on that sober horse and keep riding!
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Do your best
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8 wks is exellent hope the chest infection has cleared up ((()))
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I must say, lubricating one's throat with stomach acid is original.

Congrats on 8 weeks? At 8 weeks I was kinda goofy. Don't remember much from then but I know I wasn't sleeping normally.

Just stay with it and regular sleep will come. Hope you are feeling better.

I suppose I am a bit confused. If you got drunk to help with sleep...

So where exactly are we with not drinking anyway?
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Alcohol was the only thing you could think of? Seems odd but glad you're back not drinking.
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8 Weeks is fantastic!! Keep it going!!
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Hya Smadams. I'm also into 8 weeks sober - 9 on Sunday. Yip I am counting! I've had two bouts of bronchitis since I stopped drinking. Gp gave me 2 types of inhaler (one's an antibiotic) which cleared it up... I'm assuming you've been to your GP? This with the fatigue and constant tearfulness has been real hard. I am hoping it gets better...
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