strong for the weekend

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Hi smallbowl

You got through it and surfed that urge, good for you.

I can relate to craving the feeling rather than the taste. I felt quite down yesterday because I felt frustrated that I couldn't numb out with the usual couple of bottles of wine. I used alcohol when I felt anything at all so I think the adjustment period will take time.

You're doing a great job and stay strong :-)
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Originally Posted by smallbowl View Post
I can't say it was easy, I thought it would be. Reading over a lot of people's posts avout the struggles with cravings...I never had "cravings" until tonight.
That's why I always suggest that people avoid such situations. Not just because of the risk of drinking, which is certainly there, but for the letdown afterwards that you experienced. The knowing that this recovery journey is going to be tough.

Glad it when okay for you. But don't be afraid to hunker in your bunker for a while as you gain your sobriety.
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Thanks for the replies.

I figure that one time or another, I would be back in the same situation and I wanted to test myself early to see how strong I am. This morning I feel great again. One thing I have not missed is the cloudy head, aches and pain of my hangover after a heavy night.
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Great job on pushing through Smallbowl!!
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