staying on sober recovery

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staying on sober recovery

I thought for a while I had outgrown sober recovery, or that I had made enough progress that I can do this on my own. And eventually found myself at numerous day ones. Thank you guys for just exisiting. I will continue to check in and come here leisurely. Day 10.
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I feel much the same. Congratulations on day 10
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I'm sorry for what brings you back, but I'm also glad you made it back Charles

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Do your best
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Congrats on day 10
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Good to see you Charles. Day 10 - a great accomplishment!
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Ditto charles!
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I'm glad you're back, Charles and you can use SR as a tool in your recovery.
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way to go charles... religiously is spelled R E G I O U S L Y, not L E I S U R E L Y
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You can never outgrow good people who care about your well being!
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"way to go charles... religiously is spelled R E G I O U S L Y, not L E I S U R E L Y"

Hey, lbrain - you spelled religiously wrong the second time...cracked me up!! Although I did appreciate the sentiment; I'm a daily SRer, and don't really approach it in a leisurely way...that probably wouldn't keep me sober...
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A Day at a Time
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I believe recovery is a WE program. I get drunk WE stay sober. I'm always looking for that one thing that will help me stay sober today.

Your post is that one thing. Thank you
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ya know what I meant tho...
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This forum has been a great help for me. Congratulations on day ten and this time you CAN stay sober.
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One of the things I have found is the more time you spend here, the more you get out of SR. When I was first here, I didn't know that many people and didn't really feel connected. However, with the SR chat meetings and spending more time here on different threads, I've gotten to know many people and they've become an important part of my recovery.
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